Wednesday, November 9, 2016


On Election day we had a wonderful experience for all of the students.  With help from many teachers and Mary Ann Wilson, we were able to borrow some voting booths that were not in use and give the 5th - 8th graders at PAML the experience of voting.

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Our results at the Middle Level were as follows:

President - Hillary Clinton - 57%
US Senator - Patrick Leahy - 49.5% 
Representative to Congress - Peter Welch - 64%
Governor - Phil Scott - 59%
Lieutenant Governor - David Zuckerman - 51.9%
State Treasurer - Beth Pearce - 57.5%
Secretary of State - Jim Condos - 56.5%
Auditor of Accounts - Doug Hoffer - 42.6%
Attorney General - T.J. Donovan - 49.7%

Our High School students also voted and the results were as follows:
President & VP
Hillary Clinton & Tim Kaine 46.2%
US Senator
Patrick Leahy 70.8%
Phil Scott 54.6%
Lieutenant Governor
David Zuckerman 61.6%
State Senator
George Gay 72.7%
State Representative
David Yacovone 57.1%
Gary Nolan 35.4%

Our students were so respectful and genuine as they voted, it was a wonderful day to be in the schools.  I'm proud of our student body and the teachers and of the community that we are all members.  A lot of thoughtful teaching has gone into this election, allowing students to gain an understanding of the process, the rights, the freedoms and the history surrounding this practice in our democracy.  We have worked hard to support our 5th - 8th graders, developmentally, in understanding the presidential election cycle as well as Vermont government in our work to teach civics at PAML.