Monday, September 30, 2013

End of September


I have hopes that this blog will serve as an effective tool for communication for the PAML community.  
We had a wonderful turnout for the Open House on the 19th.  Thank you for coming out visiting with us!  It was a great opportunity for me to meet many families, and for families to meet faculty and staff.

Upcoming this month is the administration of the require state assessments.  This letter was sent home with students on Friday, Sept. 27th.

NECAP Letter

We will give one session a day, as 90 minutes are needed for each session.  Although we could get two sessions in a day, we agreed that would be too much testing for students of this level.  Thanks for your support during this testing window.  The schedules will return to normal after Oct. 10th.

Experts and Expos change to Term 2 on Thursday, Oct. 3rd.  As this shift occurs, your students will go with their Expo group to a new class, and will join a brand new group of students in a new Experts.  Some students will continue on in Math Acceleration classes as needed.  We have done our best to give students Experts based on their selections last June.  That wasn't always the case, so once in a while they may have an Expert they didn't select. We are asking that students give it at least 7 sessions before requesting a switch.  It's the old "Try It, You Might Like It" thinking.  We had very few switches during the first term!

Parent -Teacher conferences are happening on Oct. 17th from 8:00 - 4:00 with your child's Core Team team teacher in grade 5 & 6 and your child's TA teacher in grade 7 & 8.  You just need to call the receptionist to schedule your conference.  This is a great opportunity for connections.

Thank you for all that you do for the students of PAML!