Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Continuing the Journey

We’d like to remind you of the LSSU PBL Road to Proficiency website. This website is designed to help you learn about our shifts in delivery of education at Peoples Academy and across LSSU.

As we continue to share information, we don’t want to pass by a critical question; why are these changes being made? Below are some of the reasons that we’d like to draw your attention to:

1 - Today we know and understand a lot more about how students learn and how their brains function than we did even 20 and even 10 years ago. Read more

‘Making students redo their learning until it meets high expectations demands far more of both students and teachers than letting them take a failing grade— but it also results in far more learning.’ -Rick Wormeli, ‘Redos and Retakes Done Right’ teacher, author, presenter

2 - Our world and economy is shifting rapidly. Education in our schools must respond and adapt to these shifts. Read more

‘To prepare our young people and our community for a bright and hopeful future, we must “remodel” our educational system, much as one would remodel a house. When you remodel a house, you do more than just repaint it: you make substantial changes, keeping the previous shape of the house, but updating old parts, and making the house more modern and efficient.’ -Up for Learning

3 - Changing law and expectations for schools require us to develop new systems.  Read more
We look forward to keeping you informed and answering your questions as we go and answering your questions.  Please visit our site and send us your questions and ideas. Thanks.