Friday, May 29, 2015

iPad Return Process - 2015

This is a copy of a letter being sent home with your students regarding the end of year iPad return process.

Peoples Academy Middle Level
PHONE:  (802) 888-1401
FAX:  (802) 888-6488
TO:               PAML Parents/Guardians
FROM:          Karen S. Weeks
DATE:           May 29, 2015
RE:                PAML iPad Hand-In Process and Replacement Cost of iPad and/or iPad Equipment
Please be aware that all PAML student iPads and iPad accessories must be handed in to their core team teacher on Monday, June 8th for all grades.  When your student returns their iPad on the previously noted hand-in date, the following items listed below must be returned with the iPad.  Listed below are the replacement costs associated with the iPad and the iPad accessories for your reference.  Should any of these apply to your student(s), please send in a check made payable to ‘PAML’ to cover the cost of lost iPads and/or iPad equipment with your student(s) on their hand-in date. These funds will be used to purchase replacements.


Keyboard Case
iPad Charging Cord
$20.00 (if already replaced this school year)
iPad AC Adapter
Keyboard Charging Cord
Black Neoprene Carrying Case
Over the summer, all apps and data will be deleted from student iPads, therefore, students are being encouraged to save any data (i.e., photos, etc.) they deem valuable to their Google Drive to avoid losing it.  Videos do not upload well to Google Drive.  Students should fully charge their iPads and remove any passcodes the night before hand-in.  Returning students in August 2015 will be issued the same iPad they used the previous year with new apps appropriate to their new grade, and they will be able to access their Google Drive again.
Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact PAML at (802) 888-1401.
Thank you for all you do for the PAML community!

Karen S. Weeks

Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Summer Book Giveaway!

Ready to enjoy some great new books over the summer?
Is your book collection getting old?  Repetitive?  Too easy?

Participate in the PAML Summer Book Giveaway!

How to participate:

  1. Bring in your old books!  You may have read that favorite book 3,752 times and may be ready to pass it on.  Please make sure books are in good condition and appropriate for grades 5-8.  Books can be dropped off at the middle level office for Ms. Slater.  Please try to bring them in as soon as possible, and by Friday, May 29th at the latest.  Thanks!!

  1. Come pick out new books* at the Book Giveaway!   Monday, June 1st in the Learning Center (Slater/Bourne’s room).  You DO NOT have to donate books to be able to take books!  All are welcome and encouraged to pick out some great treasures at the Book Giveaway.

ALL STUDENTS deserve great books to enjoy over the summer!!

*True story - one parent of current 8th grader reports that her son found his all-time favorite book in the summer give-away! Maybe that can happen again! Please send in the books that you are ready to part with!

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Japanese Flower Arranging

Our very own Barbara Saxe worked with the 6th grade Humanities classes last week as they continued their global studies.  Barb helped the students create amazing Japanese Floral Arrangements! Here's a quick glimpse of a few of their creations!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Vermont Association of Middle Level Education

We are proud to announce the honorees of this year's PAML Vermont Middle Level Scholar Leader Award - Gabby White and Louis Angione!  These two students were selected from the 8th grade class by the entire faculty of middle school.  The following is the criteria which this award is based upon.

VAMLE's goal is to honor students who exhibit BOTH academic and leadership qualities as well as:

Gabby White and Louis Angione
• teamwork
• positive interactions with others 
• respect 
• personal goals 
• dependability 
• productivity 
• service to others 
• respect for diversity

These students will be honored along with other middle level students from all around Vermont at a special banquet on June 3rd at Norwich University.  If you see these two amazing PAML students, be sure to congratulate them.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Multicultural Spring Fling Planning!

On Friday, May 1st, three students from our Spring Fling Planning Committee attended the Vermont Service Learning & Leadership Project’s Sharing Day.  The conference was held in Montpelier and brought together 11 schools from around Vermont who received service-learning grants through the Vermont Principals’ Association.  Each school had the opportunity to showcase the projects they have been working on.  

Our students presented about their work on planning our Multicultural Spring Fling on Friday, June 5th, highlighting positive outcomes of the project as well as challenges that arose along the way.  Our students also learned about the numerous other types of projects which ranged from building community gardens, reducing plastic water bottle waste, and the Best Buddies program which pairs together students with various abilities and disabilities in order to build understanding around disabilities.  Each group responded to questions about logistical and practical factors that made their projects possible in order to best enable other schools to carry out similar projects in the future.  Students enjoyed this opportunity and are eager to implement other service-learning projects that they learned about at this event.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

UVM Hit Paws!!

We had a wonderful concert on Thursday afternoon, thanks to Peter Guihan and Dan Bruce!  The UVM Hit Paws, an a cappella group of students from UVM visited the Middle Level students and put on quite a show!  The students LOVED it, as did the adults!  They were extremely talented and in addition to performing, they shared with us how they put pieces together, which was quite interesting.