Monday, December 22, 2014

A Giving Community

I'm so proud of our school and I can't say it enough!  The last few weeks we have had such a spirit of giving here with students finding ways to help others.  We've had a Bake Sale to help a school in Kenya, which initially was a bake sale at the Winter EXPOsition, but changed to a Rolling Bake Sale that went through the ML and HS, then became a donation opportunity for others. So far, they have raised over $500.00 for this school.  Here's a link if you are interested:  St. Charles Lwanga School.  

In addition, two grades have brought in 720 items for the local food shelves! This is an average of about 2.7 items per student enrolled in our school!  That's impressive!  One grade did this did this instead of the usual Holiday Gift Exchange.  

And as if this is not enough, we have 7th grade students participating in a in-service to the community day tomorrow on Dec. 23rd.  Students will be baking bread (baguettes) with Chef Jeff to deliver to the food shelf, holiday gift cards are being made to go with meals from Meals on Wheels, Ornaments are being made for the tree at The Manor, ML students are reading to Kindergarteners and Cookies are being made to thank the teachers at the school!  Whew!  That's "alotta" goodness! 

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

EXPOsistion 2014

It's been busy at PAML - lots happening.  One exciting event is our Winter EXPOsition tonight.  What's an EXPOsition?  Our Expo teachers and students share what they have been working on so far this year.  It begins with a concert from our bands and choruses, then ends in the cafeteria with some demonstrations of other Expos.  

This year there is a food drive and bake sale spearheaded by 6th grade, both to benefit two VERY different organizations!