Monday, December 28, 2015

PAML's Annual Holiday Gift Shop!

Every year Liddy Bourne and a crew of helpers create an AMAZING Holiday Gift Shop for students to come shop (at no charge) for gifts they need or desire for family members.  These are donated items from the Morristown School District community.  And while overall the kids were very excited and grateful, here are a few quotes and pictures from the day that seem to capture the essence of the holiday spirit.
  • “I've got the perfect idea!”
  • “Hey--I'm not a woman, but do you think a woman would like these??!”
  • “This is the perfect pillow for my brother!”
  • “My niece is going to just love this! She loves Frozen!”
  • “Do you have anything for my brother?  He loves cars... Oh, he is going to love this!”
  • “My grandmother loves vases!”
  • “This is adorable.  I love it so much!”  (“Why don't you get it for yourself?”)  “I'm not going to get something for myself!!”
  • “Do you think my mom will like this?”
  • “I need to find something for my…[mom, dad, brother, grandma]…”
  • “Does she like fashion? design?  She would love that!”
  • “I decided I'm going to get these for my mom.  She likes the leopard and zebra print…”

Wrapping Crew
Meticulous Wrapping
Which pair would be best?

So much to choose from!

Decisions Decisions!

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Happy Holidays

Hi, Wishing everyone a happy holiday and hope that you have some enjoyable time with your kids, friends and families.  Play a lot with your kids, be outside as much as possible, and laugh!  We'll see everyone back on Jan. 4th 2016!  Enjoy, Karen Weeks

Owls in the PAML hallways!

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

2015 Winter EXPOSition

A few scenes from the EXPOSition on Dec. 16th!

Hard work in preparation for the Concert!

Raising money to support the needy locally and globally

ML 6-8 Band!

Chorus Warm-Up

Monday, December 21, 2015

American Heart Association Award

Congratulations to all of us!!!  PAML finished third in the state for small schools in support of the American Heart Association's annual campaign. You may remember the Ultimate Frisbee afternoon last spring - that's when the donations were made. Many thanks to the whole PAML community, for generously supporting this worthy cause.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Activit├ęs de reboisement (Activities from the Fundraising)

       Take a look...last year our 6th graders worked diligently to raise money to help a school they had connected with in Senegal.  The photos on this post are the first results of our fundraising and work from last year.  They raised enough money for the school to purchase an iPad, which will help with communication efforts for continued cross cultural conversations.  The iPad was also used to take the photos to share with the students here at our school. 
        PAML has connections with this school with Green Across the Pacific (now Green Across the World), specifically with Adama Ndiaye and Ken Hood at UVM.  Both have visited our school several times and Adama's sister Nancy, who teaches there is in one of the photos.  Malick Djop has also visited PAML, he is another teacher int he photo.  This is a very poor school, and the photos show their first steps to improve the environment, though the planting of trees.  They hope to improve the soil to the extent of being able to have a garden at the school.
Malick, one of the teachers

Adama's sister in the yellow

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

PAML EXPOSition! 12-16-15

PAML WINTER CONCERT & EXPOSITION:  Spend the evening listening to the melodious voices of our middle level chorus and be entertained by our talented musicians on Wednesday evening, December 16th, at 6:30PM in the gymnasium.  Following this concert, you are welcome to browse the wide array of impressive art projects displayed in the middle level hallways as well as demonstrations from Physical Education and projects from Design and Technology! There will also be a bake sale to help a school in Kenya and to support some local Morrisville organizations.

2014 Concert
2014 Bake Sale

Friday, December 11, 2015

7th Grade Hour of Code!

On Friday, Dec. 11, the Peoples Academy Middle Level 7th grade students participated in the Hour of Code. The Hour of Code is an international event to celebrate Computer Science Education Week. Our students joined over 100 million students around the world to build foundational 21st century and computer science skills. By exposing our students to computer science and computer programming we aim to teach them to create technology, not just consume it and encourage them to think about pursuing a future in this field. For more information about the Hour of Code please visit There are really fun coding activities the students can continue to do.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Balancing Screen Time

We often get questions about how to balance screen time for students.  Our partners at Tarrant Institute for Innovative Education (TIIE) just had a nice blog post about this topic that I thought our parents might enjoy reading

"Let’s face it, it’s a challenge to balance technology in our lives; but it’s essential. Parents and adults need to guide their young adolescents and children towards developing this balance."  Balancing Screen Time Link