Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Winter Carnival 2014 at PAML

We had such a great day on Feb. 21st!  It was jammed packed, and rainy, but that didn't dampen the spirits of the students and teachers alike! Students were kind, safe, and respectful all day.  Judy Geer came and spoke with all of the students about her Olympic experience, her daughter Hannah's experience. and the importance of reading.  The connection she made about the difference in Hannah's world now with instant technology, news, etc. struck me in terms of the external pressures the Olympians face now.  Judy mentioned Hannah's blog, which many students had read.  You can learn a bit about Hannah Dreissigacker and see find a link to her blog here.  The ceremony was a wonderful ending for our Winter Olympic Reading Challenge.  We saw some great video, which Barbara Saxe created, depicting the hard work students did during the challenge and we enjoyed the Jamaica Bobsled dance, performed by the 5th grade students and teachers.

After the Olympic Ceremony we moved into the Talent Show.  All I can say, after seeing my first Talent Show is PAML HAS TALENT!  It was fantastic.  We saw student of all ages performing for their peers, which is not easy to do!  We had a nice mix of singing, dancing, instrumental and variety.  We even had a rap by our own Mr. Paige, of course it was about MATH!  (<-- view it here)

We made the best of the rainy time for Winter Carnival with students involved in indoor activities.  They could select from many, many options, including Trivia, Karaoke, Table Tennis, Team Building games, and much more.  We culminated the day with a short basketball game of the 8th grade boys playing the 7th and 8th grade girls.  It was a lot of fun to see the talent on those teams as well.  Mr. Maynard and Mr. Weiss wrapped it up with a school-wide Tug-of-War.  5th and 6th challenged each other, then 7th and 8th.  The winner of those two did another round.  8th graders were the overall winners this year, and they did a pull against the teachers, which was the best of 2 out of 3.  It took all three to declare the 8th graders the champions.  There was a lot of excitement in the gym, as the whole school looked on, I'm not sure who was rooting for which group, but everyone was in a great mood!!  I've heard rumbling of the teachers actually trying to strategize for the next encounter!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Feb 21st!

We have a lot planned for February 21st!

We'll start with our Reading Olympic Challenge Closing Ceremonies!  Our students have been excited to be "caught reading," guessing what teachers are reading and participating in DEAR Time (Drop Everything And Read). Students and Teachers have been blogging about what they read and commenting on other students are reading. We are halfway through our Challenge. 

After the Closing Ceremony, we will have our annual Talent Show. It was a difficult job for the audition committee as there was room for 16 acts and 23 acts auditioned. It's been narrowed down and there will be one winner determined for each of the 4 categories (singing, dancing, instrumental, variety) on the 21st. 

After lunch, we'll have a few hours of Winter Carnival fun. There will be outside options and a couple of inside options that afternoon. We'll end in the gym with some grade level competitions, led by our PE teacher, Stu Maynard. 

Yes, it's a lot packed into one day, but as a whole, it'll be fun and organized. It puts all of these special events into one day, which preserves our instructional time. Photos to follow! :-)

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Reading Olympic Challenge at PAML!

We had a wonderful kick-off to our Reading Olympic Challenge today; ask your student about the event!!  We were fortunate to have Bobby Cochran, one of the famous Vermont Cochran Skiing Family, as our guest speaker.  The students were wonderful, completely attentive, and seem to be excited about the Reading Challenge.  Bobby brought his sister Barbara's Gold Medal in Slalom from 1972.  Not many people can say that they have seen an Olympic Gold Medal!!
A packed auditorium

Speaker Bobby Cochran
Barbara Cochran's Gold Medal!!