Sunday, November 27, 2016

Grateful at PAML

We had a wonderful day on Tuesday at PAML.  8th grade students were able to visit the Green Mountain Technology and Career Center (GMTCC).  Here's a video that shows a bit about the center. 

We also enjoyed a Lower House Thanksgiving Meal.  As a part of the day, lots of Thank You notes were passed around to many people who aren't always thanked!  It felt great!  

Theme of the day!

Amazing table!

Table Talk!

Thankful for good friends!

This one meant a lot to me!
The grand buffet!


Desserts galore - thanks to many families!

One of many thank you notes!

A note to the Lower House teachers from one teacher who experienced the thoughtfulness that day: "Thank you all for a wonderful day for your students.  They were all so excited to share their meal with each other.  It really captured the essence of the holiday."