Sunday, January 25, 2015

~ International Lunch ~

This past Wednesday students celebrated French-Canadian culture as a K-12 school. Students had the opportunity to learn a bit about the history, arts and culture of Quebec that makes it a unique part of Canada. The cafeteria prepared a traditional Quebecois meal, including Tourtière (meat pie), poutine style fries, pea soup and sugar pie. The cafeteria was decorated by student work and radiated Quebecois music. The response to the food was overwhelmingly positive.  This was our first school-wide cultural celebration and lunch of the year. We look forward to a Spanish celebration in the spring.

Friday, January 23, 2015

5th graders ACT!

We wanted to let you know that many 5th graders volunteered this weekend in honor of MLK day!!! 

Many students... 
  • helped Power Play Sports move to their new location
  • donated to Goodwill
  • helped neighbors shovel
  • helped a neighbor dig our their car
  • went to the Manor and played the piano and games with the residents
  • helped with the chores due to the power outage
  • donated home cooked meals to the food shelf and to Meals on Wheels
  • helped Rowan Dodge Family with dinner and plowing
  • made cards to area organizations as a thank you for their service.  

Tuesday, January 6, 2015


What are your hopes?  That phrase is everywhere this week as we move into a new year.  I've heard it being asked of students as well as seen and heard it in just about everything I watch or read. What are OUR hopes?  As we think about our students at PAML we have grand hopes for them! We hope they are happy, healthy and curious learners.  We hope they are active, social and kind.  We truly hope that they become connected to others, compassionate and giving as they spend their precious years here at PAML and beyond.  We hope this for each other and for our families in the community. Please continue with all of the wonderful support you give to our school in terms of having your students here, excited and ready to go each day and helping them at home each evening.  We are all in this together as our children navigate the interesting waters of Middle School!