Sunday, June 19, 2016

The Last Week

As usual, the end of year comes fast and furious.  There is SO much to do with a VERY finite end date.  Everyone who works in a school can feel it, the students feel it, and I know that it is felt at home.  There are all kinds of emotions happening, many mixed, bittersweet, and even sad, as well as excited, nervous and genuine happiness!  As I look back at this time, I can't believe I've been fortunate enough to be "in the business" for 33 years!  I started in 1984 and still learn so many new things each year I'm with students, families and teachers.

We'll see some changes next year, including personnel.  Mr. Griffin (Humanities), Ms. Burns (Math) and Ms. Grossman (World Cultures) will all be moving far away from Vermont.  I know I'll miss all three of them and wish them well. We have hired Sarah Hall Magoon for Humanities, Megan Mercier for Math and Laura Nally for a full-time Health/Wellness teacher.  Sarah is coming from Denver, CO, although she is originally from Thetford, VT.  Megan has been teaching in Williamstown, and is a graduate of Peoples Academy.  Laura has been substituting for us since February and is a K-12 Health Educator.

I'm in the office during the summer, with some time out for a break and a work conference.  Please connect with me if needed, by calling Linny (888-1401) or sending me an email at  Report cards will be out during the middle of next week, and there will be a mailing to all Middle Level students in August.

Thank you sincerely for all that you do for the PAML community of learners.   Karen