Thursday, June 9, 2016

Multi-cultural Spring Fling

Students are getting excited about our upcoming Multi-cultural Spring Fling on Friday, June 10th!  I don't blame them - just take a quick look at the offerings that are happening during the morning, after a visit from the Taiko Drummers.  The afternoon involves international foods/picnic and then a special performance in the auditorium - ask your student after school on Friday about the day!

Catherine Kindl-Austria
Simona Schurpf-Switzerland (Griffin’s Room)
Sara Haskins-Costa Rica
Joseph Dewan-Nepal
Garth Walker-Australia
Ashley Lynch-Global
Anna Olsen-Colombia
Alexis George Owen- Greece
Turkish Council-Turkey
Wilson, Benson, Jason, Andy-China
Kelly Saphier-Vermont
Oanh Huynh-Vietnam
Elga Grunar-Indonesia
Jessee Lawyer- Abenaki
Rachel Bury-Canada
VT Face and Body (Henna/Glitter/Hair)