Friday, February 3, 2017

Community Service Unbound

We have a weekly Unbound class of Community Service on Wednesdays that has about 10 students in it with Ms. Dambach and Ms. Magoon. Some students help out within the school building and others go into the village.  One resource this group created was a donation box at the school.  People bring in items that they don't want anymore, but are in good condition and it is available for our school community.  When things have been there for about a week, the Community Service students brings the items down to Second Chance.  This has been very popular. Other opportunities include:

**Folding pizza boxes for Pizza on Main
**We drop off donations that have not moved from our Free Box each week to Second Chance
**We stop in Power Play Sports each week to see if they have things for us to do
**Hold the doors for people at Rite Aid, Cumberland Farms and Post Office.
**Second Chance is working on having jobs for a few students such as sorting through donations, 
**Wipe down counters for Ms. Herman and Conference Room table
**Cleaning brushes for Ms. Lynch
Middle Level students helping out at Pizza on Main!
**Helping Ms. Herman with errands
**HS Faculty Room recycling emptied

There is future plans to hopefully read to younger children in afterschool programs!  Lots of great things happening and it feels good to help others!