Monday, December 28, 2015

PAML's Annual Holiday Gift Shop!

Every year Liddy Bourne and a crew of helpers create an AMAZING Holiday Gift Shop for students to come shop (at no charge) for gifts they need or desire for family members.  These are donated items from the Morristown School District community.  And while overall the kids were very excited and grateful, here are a few quotes and pictures from the day that seem to capture the essence of the holiday spirit.
  • “I've got the perfect idea!”
  • “Hey--I'm not a woman, but do you think a woman would like these??!”
  • “This is the perfect pillow for my brother!”
  • “My niece is going to just love this! She loves Frozen!”
  • “Do you have anything for my brother?  He loves cars... Oh, he is going to love this!”
  • “My grandmother loves vases!”
  • “This is adorable.  I love it so much!”  (“Why don't you get it for yourself?”)  “I'm not going to get something for myself!!”
  • “Do you think my mom will like this?”
  • “I need to find something for my…[mom, dad, brother, grandma]…”
  • “Does she like fashion? design?  She would love that!”
  • “I decided I'm going to get these for my mom.  She likes the leopard and zebra print…”

Wrapping Crew
Meticulous Wrapping
Which pair would be best?

So much to choose from!

Decisions Decisions!