Thursday, May 14, 2015

Vermont Association of Middle Level Education

We are proud to announce the honorees of this year's PAML Vermont Middle Level Scholar Leader Award - Gabby White and Louis Angione!  These two students were selected from the 8th grade class by the entire faculty of middle school.  The following is the criteria which this award is based upon.

VAMLE's goal is to honor students who exhibit BOTH academic and leadership qualities as well as:

Gabby White and Louis Angione
• teamwork
• positive interactions with others 
• respect 
• personal goals 
• dependability 
• productivity 
• service to others 
• respect for diversity

These students will be honored along with other middle level students from all around Vermont at a special banquet on June 3rd at Norwich University.  If you see these two amazing PAML students, be sure to congratulate them.