Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Summer Book Giveaway!

Ready to enjoy some great new books over the summer?
Is your book collection getting old?  Repetitive?  Too easy?

Participate in the PAML Summer Book Giveaway!

How to participate:

  1. Bring in your old books!  You may have read that favorite book 3,752 times and may be ready to pass it on.  Please make sure books are in good condition and appropriate for grades 5-8.  Books can be dropped off at the middle level office for Ms. Slater.  Please try to bring them in as soon as possible, and by Friday, May 29th at the latest.  Thanks!!

  1. Come pick out new books* at the Book Giveaway!   Monday, June 1st in the Learning Center (Slater/Bourne’s room).  You DO NOT have to donate books to be able to take books!  All are welcome and encouraged to pick out some great treasures at the Book Giveaway.

ALL STUDENTS deserve great books to enjoy over the summer!!

*True story - one parent of current 8th grader reports that her son found his all-time favorite book in the summer give-away! Maybe that can happen again! Please send in the books that you are ready to part with!