Monday, October 6, 2014

PAML Spelling Bee - October 3rd

PAML is ready to send a team of super spellers to the regional spelling competition!  
All 7th and 8th graders competed in home-team spelling competitions. The winners went on to compete on October 3rd in front of the whole school for spots on the official team. The spellers included:
7th Grade:  Nate Belanger, Tanner Keene, Isayah Clark
8th Grade: Will Small, Kaila Trombley, Lena Boudreau, Lily Metzler, Edward Habeck.

All Spellers on Oct. 3rd!
All contestants did a great job and were very brave to step up and perform in front of all their peers.  We are very proud of their efforts!  

Regionals will be held on November 1st.  Lena Boudreau, Lily Metzler, Tanner Keene, and Edward Habeck will be representing PAML in this competition.  Kaila Trombley and Isayah Clark are our two alternates.

Mr. Griffin - our very own Spelling "BEE!"