Tuesday, May 6, 2014



          6th graders at PAML have been having "Vid-Chat Tuesdays!"  This is a totally student led activity.  A student identifies someone they might want to talk to, anywhere in the world, and then they set up a Video Chat.  That student is the greeter and facilitator of the conversation. During the talk, 3 different students ask 3 questions: how do they use math in their job, how they use science, and how they use literacy in their job.  This vid-chat takes about 10 minutes, and the students learn a lot about academic needs of various jobs. It's been interesting for the students to learn about the real-world connections to all the subjects they are studying.

 Vid-Chat with Chris Kaiser, President
 Vermont Peanut Butter Company in Morrisville, VT

Vid-Chat with Stephanie Craig, Owner and Founder
 Embodico in Morrisville, Vermont
A local soap making business