Friday, December 16, 2016

December Road to Profiency

The Road to Proficiency

Have you heard your student(s) talk about goal setting or Personalized Learning Plans and want to know more?

Personalized Learning Plans (PLP’s) are developed by students—typically in collaboration with teachers, counselors, and parents—as a way to help them achieve short and long term learning goals. Cognitive science supports that when students have ownership over their own learning we improve the learning environment and promote positive motivational, social and emotional habits and dispositions toward learning. Personalized learning means using a diverse variety of learning experiences, instructional approaches, and goal-oriented strategies that are intended to address the distinct learning needs of individual students. For more information and research on PLP’s:
PLP’s in our Schools: Personalized learning, which we know contributes to a higher level of student performance and deeper learning, has always been an integral part of our schools’ missions. Our process is guided by an emphasis on creating students who are Thinkers, Problem Solvers, Effective Communicators, and Personally and Socially Responsible Citizens. As we head down ‘The Road to Proficiency’, the implementation of Personalized Learning Plans is helping students at PAML set goals, plan ways in which to meet the goals, collect evidence towards the goals and periodically reflect on the progress towards the goals. We work to provide authentic ways to share the results of their work on the goals; which happens with student-led conferences, as well as other opportunities.

To read more about Personalized Learning Plans grab a coffee and visit this section of the Road to Proficiency Website