Friday, January 29, 2016

PAML in Montpelier Recently!

On January 21st a couple of ML students and a HS student testified against the marijuana bill. This was a unique opportunity for these students and they came back with the feeling that they made a difference.

That same day, Dylan Haskins was lucky enough to attend the 2016 Governor's Budget Address with his family, and even made the news - about 1:16 into the video link above you'll see him enjoying the address.

On Jan. 27th, seven Middle Level and two High School students were invited to take time out from Prevention Awareness Day activities (at the state capital) to have lunch with Speaker of the House, Shap Smith.  Prevention Awareness Day is a highlight for students who have been working with Peter Hathaway.  Highlights of the 2016 event included:
  • Displays by youth coalition members who have taken action to help their peers make healthy choices and improve the health and safety of their communities.