Friday, February 14, 2014

Feb 21st!

We have a lot planned for February 21st!

We'll start with our Reading Olympic Challenge Closing Ceremonies!  Our students have been excited to be "caught reading," guessing what teachers are reading and participating in DEAR Time (Drop Everything And Read). Students and Teachers have been blogging about what they read and commenting on other students are reading. We are halfway through our Challenge. 

After the Closing Ceremony, we will have our annual Talent Show. It was a difficult job for the audition committee as there was room for 16 acts and 23 acts auditioned. It's been narrowed down and there will be one winner determined for each of the 4 categories (singing, dancing, instrumental, variety) on the 21st. 

After lunch, we'll have a few hours of Winter Carnival fun. There will be outside options and a couple of inside options that afternoon. We'll end in the gym with some grade level competitions, led by our PE teacher, Stu Maynard. 

Yes, it's a lot packed into one day, but as a whole, it'll be fun and organized. It puts all of these special events into one day, which preserves our instructional time. Photos to follow! :-)