Saturday, November 16, 2013

Spirit Week at PAML

Student Leadership has come up with fun SPIRIT WEEK themes for each day beginning on Nov. 18th through the 22nd.  There's something for everyone!

Monday - Pajama Day
Tuesday - Favorite Sport Day
Wednesday -  Well-Dressed Wednesday
Thursday -Mis-matched Day
Friday - Hair Day

I hope everyone gets into the spirit for at least one day.  If your student wants to wear things that you deem not reasonable - trust your instinct!  The spirit of the week shouldn't get in the way of teaching and learning.  But I'm sure we'll have some fabulous photos!

The On-Demand Writing Prompt (ODWP) will be administered on Tuesday, Nov. 19th.  This is an LSSU-wide assessment giving us an indicator of how students write a first draft to a given prompt.  It is a helpful tool for teachers to know the needs of the students through this common assessment, scored locally, to plan appropriate instruction for the students.  

Don't forget Winter Sports Night for 7th/8th grade Basketball and 5th - 8th Nordic Skiing on Tuesday night at 6:00 this week too!  See parents and athletes in the PA auditorium.  The High School is having a community meeting that same evening in the library that is a Visioning Session -- feel free to drop in to that after the sports meeting if you'd like.